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The most complete directory of Faith Based Drug Rehab Programs

Our list of religious and faith-based drug rehab programs grows daily through contributions by users everywhere. Hundreds of religiousely affiliated programs fighting substance abuse in one database.

Why Choose Faithbased Drug Rehab?

Studies show that faithbased drug rehab programs work

A 2006 study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment reveals some surprising facts about faithbased substance abuse programs when compared to traditional secular programs. A paper entitled "Outcomes Evaluation in Faith-Based Social Services: Are We Evaluating Faith Accurately?" by Kristin Ferguson of Arizona State University and Donna Spruijt-Metz of the University of Southern California analyzed research on the effectiveness of faith-based organizations in tackling issues including substance abuse. They used a systematic review mehtod and note that "two studies found that participants in faith-based drug treatment programs achieved sobriety and were more likely to remain sober over time than their comparison-group counterparts" (Bicknese, 1999; Thompson, 1994).

The results of their analysis perhaps came as no surprise to professionals in church ministries that dedicate themselves to helping others through a combination of proven addiction treatment and spiritual guidance. When people in recovery approach sobriety with a greater sense of purpose, the effectiveness of their treatment is greater.

What does the research say?

Over the years there has been much interest on the part of academics to understand the success of faith based programs in achieving low recidivism rates amoung drug and alcohol abusers who undergo treatment.

We have selected a few key studies that offer important insight into the nature of faith-based drug rehab initiatives and the possible reasons for their success. All studies are from credible scientific and academic sources.

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